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Patty cake, Zedd to calm myself


*Blows up giant stone with music*



sousuke wants to be your homodachi


I’m sorry but if you don’t think that James Sirius Potter, when told to be serious responded with ‘well sirius is my middle name’ than you are sadly mistaken



A Demonstration of Gorilla, Chimp, and Orangutan Movement in the Film ‘Dawn of the Planet of the Apes’

Terry Notary also developed the movements of the Dwarves in The Hobbit and his movement studies are just incredible. He’s such an amazing performer. 


attention shoppers, will the owner of the blue monster truck parked outside please report to the front. that thing is fucking sick and the manager wants to shake your hand


If you have no idea what this is or why I’m doing it, click this link.

I raised the price for these to $5 and people kept donating. Consequently, I have over 100 of these to do, I think. I suspect that this is not because you guys especially enjoy this series, but moreso because you are pleased to have a way to support my cartooning exploits in general. To this end, I’m going to go ahead and ask you all to stop donating for this, because it’s just going to get darker and darker and no one wants that.

Within the next couple weeks I will be officially launching my Patreon, which will support my Behind-the-GIFs, Murder Brothers, and other exciting projects I want to work on that aren’t a horrible murder story about a cow. If you want to support me, that’s going to be the way to do it! (also eventually merchandise) I’ll keep you posted, and I cannot say it enough, thank you for the overwhelming support for this incredibly stupid idea I had. 


Paper Crafts by EFE EME


Commission for MissFluffy!